A Father’s Advice

Season 2 Episode 1                                                               Original Air Date September 26,2017

Good thing I had that Kleenex ready to go! Already crying and it’s just the recap from last season. Darn you, This Is Us, you get me every time.

I got sucked into this show much like the rest of you, with a fondness for Mandy Moore and a healthy obsession with Milo Ventimiglia (Thank you, Gilmore Girls). I watched the very first episode standing in front of my television, eyes wide, goosebumps raised. I knew then, as I am sure NBC knows now, that they have created TV magic. This show has found success by embracing diverse characters and flushing out everyday human conflict. This Is Us stands out boldly because every single character is relatable in some way, regardless of age, skin color, or tax bracket. What a round-about way of saying; H & I love this show.

Onto season two. (SPOILERS BELOW) Here are some highlights from this episode:

  • Another beautiful, well crafted episode. The creators set the tone in season one and I was happy to find it present in season two. The music, the lighting, the pacing, all really showed well on screen, and helped provide the emotional impact the writing suggested.
  • “Poems For My Son” – SOB. I hope William continues to have a presence throughout the season. And his writing. And music. William come back! Beth needs you!
  • A baby! Sike, not Randall’s Baby. Randall, put the baby down. Run away Randall.
  • Happy Birthday Pearson Kids! I like how this season began on their birthday again. One could assume that going forward each season of This Is Us will give a glimpse of a year in the life, which I like. A show based in different eras should offer some sort of time stamp for reference.
  • Awkward Pearson family sit down – Yikes! I felt like I was about to get grounded. Every teen emotion imaginable could be found in this episode and I felt it along with them. Confusion, sadness, anger, love, disgust. Don’t look at your dad like that, Randall! Should we talk about the amazing cast? SO GOOD.
  • Randall’s kids are giving it to him with the “why are you the girl now?” talk. This show is awesome at blending current hot topics with strong story lines. As a working mom in my house, traditional gender roles are non-existent, or at least flex. It’s nice to see that represented on screen. Clinton joke-slay kids.
  • Kardashian shout out – timely… is E! affiliated with NBC?
  • “No sheets,” says Jack. “I’m not a long-term guest! She’ll call.” Stay strong, buddy, we’re with you! #teamJess I mean, #teamJack (I am happy this was short lived. Go home, Jack.)
  • Beth is over it, and I’m with her! Take a breath Randall, and your time. Say what you need to say without alienating your wife. I like all the dynamics of this particular storyline. Randall has a vision, and wants to honor his dad, but is he doing it the right way? Rebecca re-centers Randall and Beth “adjusts” the plan. This is fun. “‘It’s complicated’ is just something people say when they do not want to tell the truth.” This makes sense to me, and makes me think back to all the times I’ve said “it’s complicated.” What a cop out.
  • Kate is finally becoming her own person, at least she is by end of the episode. Yay! Cut the cord, Kev! I feel like they gave her the “down two dress sizes” line so that people would stop bugging Chrissy Metz about her weight. Which they should. Immediately. Clearly we know that weight loss is part of Kate’s journey, but stop asking Chrissy if she plans on getting gastric bypass surgery in every interview. It’s rude and insensitive and Chrissy Metz is a badass. Rant over.
  • Why do I get the feeling that Kevin is the most stable of the Big Three at this point? How did this happen? Career; check! Relationship; check! Family bonds; intact! I did not see this coming, as he was such a mess last season. I’m happy for him, but skeptical. I’m still not sure about Sophie…  Something is missing. I liked the other brunette girl with the glasses!
  • I am a big fan of these Ron Howard cameos! (How did this happen?) Whatever movie they are making is sure to be a winner, and hopefully the tennis ball will say yes.
  • What an eventful week for spouses. Beth is, like I said, OVER IT. Toby might kill “Kevbo.” Sophie’s mom is sick? And poor 90’s Rebecca is dealing with three angsty teenagers and an alcoholic husband. I was upset with you last season, Rebecca, for making Jack leave, but you are slowly earning my trust back. Thank goodness she took him home, am I right?! I wasn’t sure about that cut to black. Jack, you’re breaking our hearts.
  • The house burned down. Jack’s personal items in the back of the car. Kids devastated. Kevin and his broken leg. A dog. Randall has a girlfriend? Miguel’s house? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Questions for next week:

  • Jack died in a fire?! Nope. Not into it. Why did I think it would be a car accident?
  • Was this Kate’s fault like she said in season one? How? Did Jack go back for the dog?
  • Whose dog? Do we get to see the Pearson’s get this dog?
  • Kate, what is your plan to work your way up the vocal ladder?
  • Will Beth and Randall foster or adopt a teenager? How will this effect their family?
  • Is Sophie hiding something?
  • Will I ever like Miguel?

Overall, “A Father’s Advice,” was a strong episode. They keep surprising me with their twisty plot points and I like it. Did anyone else think Kevin was in Paris? No? Just me? They are setting up solid stories for each character, while showing us how each individual has grown(Kevin)/completely changed(Randall) from last season. Jury is still out on you Kate.

I predict lot’s of challenges ahead for the Pearson’s. Perhaps Randall is in the middle of a midlife crisis and will come to regret making drastic changes to his household. I am, however, glad they are making Kate work to achieve her dream instead of just handing it to her TV style. I wonder how this will effect her relationship with Toby. Speaking of Toby, I need to know more about this guy. Outside of his relationship with Kate, who is he? Like, does he have a job or friends or a hobby? Sooner or later their relationship needs to balance out. Same with Kevin and Sophie. I am all for childhood sweethearts, but they need to fill in some blanks (which I feel they will) and let them form a true relationship that is based on who they are now, and not who they were then. I look forward to learning more about the Rebecca/Jack relationship and seeing the little Pearson’s again this season.

Until next week, don’t forget the Kleenex, L.



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