Wait What?! Week of October 4th, 2017

Another week full of moments that made us go… Wait what?!

A mass shooting in Las Vegas… Wait what?

L: Another week full of tragedy across national headlines. So many unanswered questions. What stands out to me are the accounts of heroism throughout the incident. I heard one witness say on the news, “In a time where people are kneeling, it was amazing to see so many officers standing and running towards the danger.” Our hearts break for all those involved.

H: It’s terrible. It’s terrible that this is the world we live in. To be honest, I’m pretty speechless about the whole incident.

H’s student loans are due… Wait what?

L: Bleck. Welcome to the club. The broke club. I know how frustrating it can be when you have to start paying those big loans back and you haven’t even found a post-grad job yet. Try not to be discouraged, it will pay off… and be paid off.

H: THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! In my previous blog on Sunday, I mentioned that bliss I was in before I graduated college. These loans weren’t thought about during that bliss… Like, at all. Well, I’m thinking about them now, I can tell you that… YIKES.

Flaming Hot Cheeto encrusted corn on the cob… Wait what?

L: YES! Sign me up, I am ready! The fair is one of my favorite fall events and I am ready and willing to participate in all it has to offer, aside from the sketchy rides.

H: Oh, the NC State Fair. Full of it’s weird rides and people and food. Let’s be clear though, Hot Cheetos corn on the cob is not one of the weird foods. That sounds legit, and I will be paying good money to eat that.

We went to an elementary school book fair… Wait what?

L: I love books. Always have and always will. I remember looking forward to the book fair at school every year. I excitedly circled all the books I wanted to buy in the little booklet they sent home with us. It was an event then and, man, was it one now. It felt very surreal to attend a school book fair with my own daughter who ran around the library excitedly, bringing book after book to me. 8 books and $30 later I am thankful to have been able to visit a childhood memory.

H: Exactly what L said. Plus, the smell. I love the smell of books. Books and bargains, that’s what I like and both are found at book fairs. Win!

L attended her first color run… Wait what?

L: There is so much hype around 5k runs and athletic events these days. I cannot scroll through social media on the weekends without seeing a handful of excited exercisers. This past weekend I took a chance and participated in a local 5k color run. I left the field looking like sweaty Smurfette, but I finished! I understand now why people enjoy these events. It’s empowering. Maybe not an every weekend activity, but empowering none the less.

H: Let me be honest here, we’re not an exercise-y family. When given the choice between staying in air conditioning with Netflix and a bag of chips or going outside and moving around, we will nine times out of ten take the chips. I was proud of L for stepping out of her comfort zone and accomplishing something awesome! Unfortunately, I had to work. But I’m there next time.

Celebrities chartering planes to help Puerto Rico… Wait what?

L: I really like it when celebrities put their money and clout where their mouths are. I also like when people that can, do. I have been a fan of Bethenny Frankel for a few years now and I was really impressed to see her efforts in the aid for Puerto Rico. Planes after planes of food and water and supplies being sent. And to top it off, she herself is there. So, kuddos to all those who are helping with the storm relief.

H: There’s a difference between a Twitter activist and an actual activist. Some see a problem, say “we need to help” on social media, then call it a day. I like seeing people actually taking actions and proper steps towards helping others and showing kindness where it is especially needed.

It’s National Taco Day!… Wait what?

L: Naturally I had Greek for lunch. But yay for tacos!

H: Tacos are my favorite food. My phone case has tacos all over it. I’m currently wearing socks that also have tacos all over them. What’s not to love? The crunch… The meat… The cheese…

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