Welcome back to Wait What?! Wednesday. Ahhh beautiful October, and with it, another week of moments that made us go, wait… what?!

1. I hate the new Apple update… Wait what?

L: Ugh. Normally I am on-board with these updates and latest Apple products. I type this on my first Apple purchase: a white 2009 Macbook. Tried and true. I’m an Apple lover. HOWEVER, this update is killing my patience and my battery. Also, it is almost like having a brand new phone. Everything is different. I was not prepared. I am not giving up quite yet, but It will definitely take some getting used to. I do like the new flip-up screen. Everything is on one page instead of two and the brightness and volume have a cool new scale feature.

H: Soooo, I may not have updated my phone. No, I definitely didn’t. I like Apple okay. Their products are expensive and I think it’s a total trap that they can only be fixed at the Apple Store when there are any types of issues with the product. However, the products are pretty. The reason I haven’t updated my phone is because I “don’t have enough storage,” per usual. And ain’t nobody got time to sit there and go through all my pictures.

2. CNN reports that more women are cheating on their husbands…Wait what?

L: So, I read this article and thought, “fake news, that’s crazy. 40 percent increase?! And they are open about it?! Wow.” Technology is definitely on their side, as dating apps have also increased in popularity, variety, and usage. Are open marriages the new norm? Will this sort of lifestyle help lower the divorce rates? I don’t think so, but this isn’t our parents America.

H: I find it sad. On most things, I find that I’m a traditionalist. People are sharing their infidelity, flaunting their lack of loyalty? It’s disappointing.

3. Rey goes to the dark side in the latest Star Wars movie…Wait what?

L: I am so happy they FINALLY released a trailer! I am a huge Star Wars fan and I really liked The Force Awakens, so the bar was set pretty high for its sequels. The trailer did not disappoint. WHAT IS HAPPENING? Luke, why are you scared? Kylo Ren, are you targeting your MOM Princess/General Leia?! Rey are you turning to the dark side?! This trailer did exactly what the fans needed it to do; it sparked our interest, showed us a wide variety of scenes, and left us asking ourselves what the heck was going on?

H: Somewhere on the Marvel movie journey, I decided that I would stop watching movie trailers for movies that I knew I was going to be seeing because they show too much. I refuse to read L’s response to this, because I know there will be spoilers. Either way, I’m excited for this movie and going into it knowing nothing is a thrill!

4. Amazon has a GROCERY delivery service…Wait what?

L: Am I late to the party? Probably, but now that I am here, things will never be the same. This was our first experience with this service, and let me tell you, I was impressed. It felt like a luxury just checking off my grocery list and then having it delivered within two hours for the same cost as the grocery store. And you know what, it’s 2017, we do not have our flying cars, this feels like a good compromise.

H: Welcome to the future! Amazon Prime Now, I know we are late to the party, but you are so rad and thank you for my English muffins. They will be tasting even better knowing that my lazy butt didn’t have to go out to the store. I appreciate you.

5. Russia, politics, & Hollywood scandal…Wait what?

L: The Russians meddled with the election, or at least Facebook. Politics continues to invade every arena of our lives. World War 3 is looming along with the growing threat from North Korea. Major scandal in Hollywood as Harvey Weinstein is accused of rape and sexual harassment. What is this world we are living in? Certainly not one I want to be raising my kids in.

H: What the actual hell is going on? Has our country always had this many issues looming over it? Do our media spend more time pushing them into our faces in this day and age? A part of me just wants to ignore it all… Ignorance is bliss, remember? But these things are impossible to ignore.

6. USA Men’s Soccer eliminated from World Cup for the first time in 30 years…Wait what?

L: USA USA USA! You win some, you lose some.

H: Not a soccer fan, so not really caring all that much about this topic. You know what I do care about, soccer-wise? Why is it that we call the sport soccer and literally the rest of the world calls it football? Why did we decide that the sport that we primarily play with our arms should be called football instead? *Sigh*

With that, we end this weeks edition of Wait What Wednesday. Keep a lookout for more blogs coming up this week, including our latest This Is Us episode review, coming out tomorrow! Make sure to check us out on Instagram @Mysistersaidwhat and on Twitter @sissaidwhat we’d love to hear from you regarding any of your own wait what moments! Thanks for reading!

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