Season 2 Episode 3                                                             Air date October 10, 2017

Well, here we are. Episode 3 already! Is it me or does the pacing of this season seem to be much quicker? Things are happening all around. This Is Us sounds like a simple family show but once you dive in, viewers can immediately see how complicated the life of a Pearson really is. There were a few stand out moments in this episode and one segment in particular took me by surprise. I refer, of course, to Sylvester Stallone. What a delight. More on that below.

Let’s jump into the episode (SPOLIERS below):

  • I was surprised to see Jack actually participating in AA. We saw him come and go into the class in the previous episode, so I thought that maybe we would see him take the boxing route once again. I found his speech to the group be insightful in that he notes how the “strong, silent type is out of style.” Is that true? Once again this show makes us think about our society as a whole, and the striking differences between generations. Jack seems to be willing to do the hard work in achieving sobriety this time around, which is great, but it may be a lonely road. This is the first time in the show that Jack looks old, weary, unsure. We know Jack Pearson to be a go getter, a positive influence on everyone around him, and we also know him to be a head-on problem solver; i.e. buying their house. Rebecca is championing for her husband, which I like. It was previously said that one person in each marriage serves as the “pusher,” and Rebecca, you are up. Even through the difficult times and frustrations with each other, their love is real, and worth fighting for. I am really liking the “isms” they are creating this season. First “Randalling” and now it’s “Jack Pearsoning.” This show can pull it off because viewers know exactly what those two terms mean. It is so relatable to see marital distance, and awkwardness. You can feel the tension in the car, and relief later when Jack opens up and brings Rebecca into his trouble. Without these dark moments, the really good ones would be weightless. Also, welcome Pearson family dog!
  • The 90s kids are not alright. The reactions to what is going on around them are honest and understandable. Kate worries, Kevin avoids, and Randall plans. Same could be said for their adult selves. I was confused with the Randall going to meet his real mom storyline, not because he did it, but because of how open he was to his siblings and their responses. I thought that Kevin and Randall did not get along as kids, so I was not convinced that he would have joined them in that journey or been AS supportive. These scenes provided valuable background information into Randall and his current fostering journey.
  • “That call was my calling calling.” Yes it was, Randall. Like I predicted, everything is about to change. Randall went into the adoption story wanting a newborn baby, and now a preteen girl is heading to the Pearson home. How great was it to see William on-screen again? And how great and wise are those two young kids? Another great parallel with William wanting to leave and Deja being unsure, only for little Pearson to calm them both down and accept the craziness of the house. It also goes to show that you cannot plan for everything in life, unfortunately for Randall. Deja is not okay, but you will do the best you can as a family. I find it an interesting perspective that as long as Randall prepares and puts forth effort, everything in his life has come easy for him. What an interesting lesson to learn the realities of that at 37.
  • By far the best story of this episode was Kevin on set with Kate and Sly Stallone. What a turn-around Kevin had this episode. We see the cracks begin to appear, much like they did during in the Manny melt-down of season one. I really liked Kate’s positive energy during these scenes. I can see how much she has grown now. She can talk about her dad and enjoy her surroundings in a way that we haven’t seen thus far. And it is believable that Jack was a super fan and shared that with his kids. She is trying desperately to get Kevin to geek out with her and reminisce, but he continues to spiral into his own thoughts. We hear him say things like, “but he can’t see it” and ” I do not need to walk around and be sad and damaged just because you are.” OUCH. Clearly Kevin still has a lot to process in regards to his grief and father. Kate, to her credit, does not let him bring her down and is able to bond with Sylvester Stallone and honor Jack in that unique way.
  • I cannot express how much I enjoyed Sly Stallone and his interactions with both Kate and Kevin. Both the funny moments and the heartfelt moments were impactful. I said out loud while watching, “Wow. Are you this guy in real life? I sure hope so!” My favorite moment was when Sly told Kevin, “In my experience, there is no such thing as ‘a long time ago,’ there’s only memories that mean something, and the memories that don’t.” Well said, Mr. Stallone. Of course, we then see the consequenses of his words; Kevin having a complete mental breakdown. It does seem like Kevin shares some traits with his dad. Hopefully not the bad ones, as we are led to believe.

Questions for next week;

  1. Is Kevin headed down a dark path? How will this impact his growing career?
  2. What are the next steps for grown Kate?
  3. What is happening with Deja and her mom? Will she stay?
  4. Can we expect more William and Slyvester Stallone scenes? (I hope so.)
  5. Will Jack stay in AA or does his drinking have anything to do with his death?
  6. Is Rebecca still friends with Miguel’s ex-wife?
  7. What else is Jack hiding from his family?

Overall, another great episode of This Is Us. They are still surprizing us with new information and leading us to believe that there is so much more to learn. I was hoping that Kevin would continue to grow and be the stable sibling, but that looks unlikely at this point unless he confronts his demons head on. Kate is becoming a stronger character, and seems much lighter than before. I cannot wait to see what is next for her. Randall has a full plate with his new family structure, but I think it will work out in the end, for both Deja and Randall. I am hopeful/anxious to learn more about how Jack dies, and if he and Rebecca can keep their family afloat. As I said last week, I cannot wait to see how Jack lived.

What were some of your favorite moments from Deja-vu? Is there any particular storyline you are not a fan of? Share your thoughts with us below!

Until next week, don’t forget the Kleenex, L.



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