How Harvey Weinstein Made Me an Adult

What was the moment that, in your mind, you transformed from a kid to a grown up? Was it when you began paying your own bills or moved out of your parents home? Was it when you got married or had children of your own? Was it when you had your own political or religious opinions separate from your parents? Or, was it when you stopped using words like “grown up” and instead began saying “adult” with a long, unneeded emphasis on “ah.”

I don’t think I’ll ever really feel like an ah-dult. Not totally, anyway. But something happened this week that made my perspective and attitude of the world shift. It began with Harvey Weinstein.

I’m disgusted, to say the least. The number of women who have come forward alleging that this man has raped or sexually assaulted them in some way is horrific. Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan, just to name a few. The man is sick and addicted, not to sex like he claims, but to the power one gets from being a white male in an important seat of a high rise building. To the power that we, common citizens, supplied to him every time we saw his movies and put another $100 in his pocket.

People like Harvey Weinstein (not just men, by the way) continuously assault others and take advantage of them because they feel they can. Ben Affleck grabbed Hilarie Burton’s breast on national television because he felt he could. The people who knew about Harvey Weinstein, who set up the meetings with these women, who held their tongues all for a paycheck, they did so because they felt they could without any repercussions, just like Weinstein and Affleck.

These people feel they can get away with these things because for years they have. For me, that’s the worst part about this story. This has been going on for years. Literally, from the time I was born in 1995 until this week, Harvey Weinstein has been a sexual predator.

When I was a kid, a large part of me saw the world as a Disney movie. I wasn’t totally ignorant of this world’s evil (9/11 happened when I was 6-years-old), but for the most part, I thought the best of everyone and everything.

I’m slowly discovering that the world we live in is one giant facade designed to fool us “average-Joes.” I’m sad that, so far, it’s worked. 2017 has been the year to peel back the facade for me, layer by layer. The fact that these sexual assaults were happening, while I was looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, makes me sad and makes that time seem like a lie, although I wouldn’t have wanted to know it then. It also makes me question every industry around me. What else don’t I know about?

All I know is, I’ve never felt more adult than in this moment. I can only hope that now that the truth is out, others will feel comfortable sharing their stories. I hope we no longer have to live a lie and that these revelations will lead to a better world.

One thought on “How Harvey Weinstein Made Me an Adult

  1. J says:

    Wow. Good for you. Most women are sleepwalking through life. Not you. Congrats on no longer buying what white male media portrays as white women’s norm. Real life is much different for white women than this farcical world that many white men want everyone to pretend exists. I have learned through lots and lots of experience that a man is far far more likely to try to hurt, sabotage, or exploit me than he is to be the mythical night in shining armor. Absolutely zero about this weinstein situation shocks me. guys like this are usually surrounded by female misogynists who are happy to help cover for them too. We are living in a sick culture in usa but pretending we are better than third world misogynistic countries.


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