Season 2 Episode 5                                                                      Air Date October 24, 2017

Here we are, episode 5 already! What a great episode. I really enjoyed almost every minute of the episode, appropriately entitled “Brothers.” There were definitely some brotherly moments scattered throughout the hour, both expected and unexpected! Just when you think you have a handle on all of the plot lines and time lines, BAM, new twists and characters we did not see coming. I am loving it. SO, let’s get to the goods!

Here are some of my favorite moments: (SPOILERS BEWARE)

  • Randall. God bless you, Randall, for just being the best. Little Randall and your little handy dandy notebook. Big Randall and your big anxious, trying too hard, heart. I was laughing so hard when Beth was talking about how “smoking hot” Kevin is and Randall literally fell to the ground. I mean, no one wants to hear how attractive their sibling is from their partner, but it’s hard to argue with the cold hard facts. Randall, although not without a bit of trouble (and awkward dad jokes), was finally able to connect with Deja. It was interesting to see her open up to him and share some of her back story. I hope their bond will continue to grow. I certainly do not see Randall giving up…like ever. Much like little Randall, big Randall is taking notes. And can we talk about that for a second? How sweet was that? That was a sob moment for me. I am glad Kevin went snooping. I think that was the nudge he needed, and how cute were they roasting marshmallows side by side?!
  • Kevin. Ugh I wanted to shake you the entire episode. What are you doing to yourself man?! Your movie has wrapped, you do not need to hide the pain. Take the time to heal properly, and manage your pain in a healthier, less addictive, way. Your only redeeming moments in this episode were your interactions with Deja, which I really, really loved watching. You are SO GOOD with kids! Why can’t you grab onto that joy instead of looking for it in the bottom of a bottle? One thing that was cemented during this episode was Kevin’s lifelong deep emotion avoidance. Why are you so scared to tackle those deep emotions, Kev? It’s going to cost you everything in the end, including Sophie, if you don’t get help. We really hope that you do, and soon.
  • Kate. Sweet Kate. I am really warming up to you this season. Which makes sense because it seems you are finally warming up to yourself. Madison, for the record, is  super annoying, but I think you two are headed for best-friendom. I would not be surprised at all to see her at Kate’s baby shower or wedding. I think she will be sticking around now that they accidentally (pun intended) bonded. Toby was great this episode! I always enjoy his comedic relief, but he really took it up a notch in “Brothers.” From the sweet desk swipe to the Hootie dance montage in the coffee shop, Toby was a joy. It was nice to see him at work, although I thought he was for sure a chef. I was hoping to get more information about him earlier this season, so thank you writers for filling in some gaps.
  • Jack. Poor Jack has his hands full in every timeline. Can’t this guy catch a break? It was so fun to take a peek into Jack’s childhood. What an interesting time in America. The camping scenes were great and had me thinking that Randall might have gotten the “trying really hard” gene from his dad. The 90’s Gameboy was a nice touch, but did anyone play with the volume turned all the way up? I know I didn’t. I was happy Kevin came around towards the end of the episode. Jack really needed that win, and it was perfectly timed with his own brotherly reveal. I mean what?! Another war reference, which I am looking forward to, and now we know that his brother Nicky was there with him. We can assume that it did not end well there. It does provide a whole other layer to Jack. Now we know what may have added to his drinking problem, and why he is good at taking care of other people. He knows, because he has been doing it his entire life for his brother.

Questions for next week:

  1. Will Kate share her news with her family?
  2. Will Deja continue to bond with the Pearson family?
  3. When will we find out more about Jack’s time at war and his brother?
  4. Will Jack visit his dad before he dies? It was unclear if he actually died.
  5. Kevin, are you really committed to going down this destructive road? Will Sophie stick around?

Well that’s it for this week! Thank you so much for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts! Please comment below!

Until next week, L.


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