The 20’s

Season 2 Episode 6                                              Air date October 31, 2017

Episode 6 of an 18 episode season, already! We are currently 1/3 finished with season 2 of This Is Us. How did this happen so fast?! What a great episode! I really, really, liked this episode. They introduced us to a new time line, a la“ the 20’s” and managed to go even deeper into the lives of the Pearson’s. I thought I knew these characters but after this episode I thought “ Wow, did I ever know you at all?!” So much depth. Anywho, let’s talk details.

Here are my thoughts on this weeks episode: (SPOILERS BELOW)

  • Kate. Who are you in this episode?! I mean I know how awkward being in your twenties can be. (UGH) That’s the time when you start to figure out who you are and where you want to go away from your parents and family. (Yippee?) Kate in this episode was almost unrecognizable! With her waitress-ing and self-assurance, and her forward ness with restaurant guy?! WHAT?! I think she might be acting a bit more confident because she is still in her hometown, but still it is still jarring to see Kate this sure of herself. How sad was it when we find out that Kate was sitting outside their childhood home in the car, crying, and eating French fries? First of all, YES. Secondly, SOB. It makes sense that Kate would still be holding on to childhood memories with her Dad, and the life they had with him. However, Kevin does the right thing pushing her out of her comfort zone and onto a plane. Welcome to L.A. Kate!
  • Bleck, 20’s Kevin is a mess. I absolutely did not see the hair stylist situation coming. L.A. is tough, even for the ridiculously good-looking. Kevin, having been the star of his hometown was not prepared for a year without an audition. This comes to a head when his roommate, who seems like a really nice guy, lands a role. Kevin’s reaction and eventual rejection was hard to watch. Can we all agree that he is so much more that the fool we saw at that party? You are better than that, Kev. We know that because of how you treat your sister. Be THAT guy. Secret candy give away guy.
  • Randall. What a rough patch this was for you! The infamous pre-baby breakdown was alluded to but not shown on-screen, again. It clearly took a toll on everyone involved. Beth, what a sweetheart. Just cookin’ a baby and trying to keep Randall from losing his mind. They (Randall) eventually get it together, and just in time! My favorite scene from this episode was when Randall went to Home Depot. (Was it Home Depot? I think it was.) Randall’s new friend Garuda, spoke some real truths in that aisle including ‘What they do not tell you is this that babies come with the answers. They come out, they look up at you, and you at them and…they tell you who you are. You’ll see. Tomorrow you will have all the answers you need.” THIS. All of it, true. We should talk about this more.
  • Rebecca. WOW. What a great Rebecca episode! Cher Rebecca, first of all, you rocked that look girl. I also really enjoyed how they flushed out “real” marital issues such as parental favoritism. Both Jack and Rebecca made their points, and were both right. Is this why Kevin is the way he is? He flies under the radar because his parents have their hands full with kids that “need” extra attention? Maybe. Either way, great to see real conversations happening on-screen. I was sort of sad when they split up on Halloween, but it worked out for the best, as Randall really needed to have that conversation with his mom. Poor Jack had no idea what he had gotten himself into, but lessons were learned all around.
  • Something amazing happened this episode. A long-awaited Easter egg has been revealed. We now know that Miguel did not swoop in on Rebecca immediately after Jack died. Rebecca suffered for, I’m guessing, 10 years-ish, before reconnecting via Facebook (?!) with Miguel. This made me sad for Rebecca, but made me feel better about the story over all. I am now ready to accept you into the fold Miguel. Not sure if everyone else will be open to it, but Rebecca deserves to be happy. How sweet was that baby montage at towards the end of the episode, where Rebecca goes to officially meet baby Randall/goes to meet baby Tess? It was a beautiful moment and I was ugly crying. Favorite line in the show thus far; “You are the luckiest sweetest baby that is named after a ceiling fan.” What a gem.

Questions for next week:

  1. Are we staying in the 20’s? Or was this just for context?
  2. We know that Rebecca and Miguel end up married, what are the next steps post Facebook?
  3. Will the Kate pregnancy news hit the Pearson airwaves?
  4. Is Sophie going to stick around or has she seen the light?
  5. Kevin you are going to get it together right?

Overall another great episode! I am so thankful for this show, it really is one of a kind. In a world where there is so much negativity, it is nice to watch a show that can tackle hard topics and family dramas in a warm, welcoming, relatable, way. Keep it up This Is us. You are doing important work.

Until next week, don’t forget the tissues, L.

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