Generation N: How Pressing the Nostalgia Button is Reigniting a Generation 

Is it just me, or are things looking a bit familiar around here? As I type this there is a GameBoy charging on my night stand and Fuller House is on in the background. No, I have not traveled back to 1996, it is actually 2017, and this is still my life. And that’s not all, Justin Timberlake will be performing the Super Bowl half time show, small backpack purses are a thing, and JNCO jeans are reportedly making a come back. People are wearing choker’s and platform shoes, Will & Grace is on NBC, and Blade Runner is in the theater. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

It is no coincidence that all of our 90’s favorites are making a resurgence. Whether it’s on TV, in the movie theatre, on the radio, or something “the kids” are wearing, what’s old is new again. The powers that be have hit a culture nerve and they are sticking to it. I am loving it. It is so amazing that I can switch to the Disney channel or Netflix and see familiar faces, ones that I grew up with, who now have kids and their own shows. Have you heard that they are rebooting Roseanne? The time is so right that they are bringing Dan back from the dead! Yes, really. They can get away with it because enough time has passed and we are just curious enough to look past any changes they make past plot lines. We are probably more likely to check in on characters we used to know than investing our time in another doctor or lawyer show.

I find that even the smallest thing can make me feel nostalgic. My grandmothers handwriting, a song, a recipe, a timehop picture on Facebook. It is funny what we associate with happy memories of our childhood. And isn’t it just the best feeling to stumble onto something that takes us back to a different time? This is why we eat up anything that looks faintly familiar; to find those small kernel’s of past happy’s. These moments bring us back to simpler times and remind us of what is really important.

The truth is, we’ve grown up. We live and work in the real world, with real problems, and have real responsibilities. We see the negativity in society now more than ever. It is everywhere. These bits of nostalgia are a gift. They are nice, necessary distractions that comfort us on those particularly hard days. While I certainly will not be rocking my old velvet choker, I cannot wait to see what they bring back next.

Fingers crossed for a Spice Girls reunion.

What has been your favorite 90’s return thus far? Share them with us in the comments!

Thanks for reading, L.



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