Wait What Wednesday… Week of November 8th, 2017

Another couple of weeks full of moments that made us stop and say, “Wait, what?” Let’s get into them!

Another devastating shooting at a church in Texas… Wait what?

L: Texas is the best. I can say that full of confidence because I spent two of the best years of my childhood in San Antonio. Texas is the best. Another senseless tragedy. Prayers for all those involved. Be kind to each other.

H: Honestly, I think we’re all just tired of hearing and talking about these tragedies. It’s insane and sad that this is the new norm for our country. Of course, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims family and friends… I hope these shootings come to an end, but unfortunately, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. All we can do is try our best to spread kindness and love.

Justin Timberlake is heading back to the NFL halftime show… Wait what?

L: Yes. I am here for this. Let’s be clear that I watch the Super Bowl for two reasons; 1. The hyped up commercials. And 2. The half time show. My all time fav was Lady Gaga last year, followed closely by Bruno Mars. I hope that we get some sort of fun SNL/ Jimmy Fallon sketch followed by some Suit & Tie era and finish with the much-anticipated N’SYNC reunion. Cannot wait.

H: So… With or without Janet Jackson? If I was Janet and Justin asked me to make an appearance, I would give that one a hard pass. Poor Janet’s career came to a halt when JUSTIN “accidentally” revealed her nipple on live television at the halftime show in 2004. Long story short, Justin went on to make movies and win awards while Janet… Is a Jackson. So, if I was her (assuming he is going to invite her to perform with him), I would say a big hell no.

Our tweets are now less limited… Wait what?

L: Meh, not much of a Twitter user. I guess this is okay? Although I did like that all messages had to be short, sweet and to the point. If you have a lot to say, why don’t you head over to Facebook. Someone will for sure want to read your 300 characters over there.

H: Not going to lie, I have a hard time thinking of anything important to say within the 140 character limit. I definitely don’t have anything to add to the internet that makes the 280 character standard. I feel like this is Twitter’s efforts to make themselves relevant again because, to me, Twitter feels like it’s slowly coming to an end.

Hidden Valley are now selling kegs of Ranch… Wait what?

L:This is hilarious. HILARIOUS. The restaurant server in me is loving this. “Oh you need more ranch? Here’s your vat! Enjoy!”

H: Our country continues to surprise me. Kegs. Of. Ranch. When would anyone need this?! Calm down, America, with your excessiveness. Your inner chubbiness is showing.

Another Marvel movie came out… Wait what?

L: The latest Thor movie was awesome! So much going on all the way through.. and unlike other super hero movies, this was a game changer for the entire Thor storyline. A must see for a devoted fan or the casual movie goer.

H: Thor: Ragnarok… Here are my thoughts: Not bad. Not fantastic. Overall, forgettable. Chris Hemsworth was extra hot this time around and his character was finally acting like the God he is. His powers have grown (again, FINALLY), making Thor actually cool again. The Hulk cameos were… Strange. Maybe a little too childish for my taste. Jeff Goldblum is an American treasure.

iPhone X commercials are all over the place… Wait what?

L: So yay more super expensive Apple products! I am for it. Looks cool, I am sure it performs well. I certainly can not afford to casually replace my perfectly operational iPhone 6s, but yay for you if you can! Let us know what you think in comments below.

H: Hey! Have you heard?! iPhone X! Oh, of course you have. I can’t keep up with Apple these days. And I definitely can’t afford Apple these days.

Alright that’s it for this edition of Wait What Wednesday! What did we miss? Let us know in the comment section below. See you in two weeks!

Thanks for reading, L &H.

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