The Most Disappointed Man

Season 2 Episode 7                                                             Air Date November 7, 2017

In my opinion, “The Most Disappointed Man”, stands out as one of, if not THE most serious episode of This Is Us so far. So much happens during this episode. SO many serious decisions made and character difficulties shown. The episode was very dark overall, which as I have said before, makes this show believable. The dark sides of the world are real and they vary in degree. No one is immune to conflict or sadness or loss, which makes this episode important not only to the story overall, but important to establishing its footing as a cultural phenomenon. Each story line is like a house of cards, perfectly positioned and pretty, but could collapse at any moment. And in some cases, they are falling apart. Alright let’s get to it.


  • Kevin. Right down the rabbit hole. Why, Kevin, why? I really feel like Kevin has “middle child syndrome.” He has to be “perfect” all the time because his siblings “require” extra attention. It is clear that Kevin is struggling to live up to his Dad’s memory. He thinks he cannot compete so he gives up, flails around, and wrecks everything. His imaginary life with Sophie was a perfect representation of this. In his mind he will never measure up to his dad so he sabotaged it before it became reality. Also, did it stand out to anyone else that baby Kevin was in the stroller while his sibling were being held? I think Sophie is gone for good, you guys. And I do not blame her at all.
  • Randall. What a reality check for this guy. He, as many of us do, had so many preconceived notions about what he was walking into at the “clink”. He made so many assumptions about Deja’s life and her mother, some semi true, but most completely incorrect. I think it was good that Randall come face to face with some of the ugliness of the world. They certainly bit off more than they could chew, but I think they are doing the best they can and Deja is lucky to have them in her corner. I am interested to see how her relationship with her mother evolves, and if they stay in contact. Randall seems more centered now than before, and is making rational decisions which will benefit all involved in the long run.
  • Rebecca and Jack. We obviously knew that Randall legally becomes their son, that was without question, but, I did not anticipate what happened along their legal journey. I was surprised but happy we got to see the Pearson’s in another era. Rebecca and Jack clearly love their kids, but it was wrong for me to assume that their road to adoption was an easy one. Pearson’s do not back down, and I am glad they didn’t. That judge did something good that day.
  • William went through a powerful journey. Another judge had a significant role to play. I think I might have that guys face branded in my brain too. William’s speech in court about being the most disappointed man was powerful. How many bad things have to happen to a person before they become jaded and make life altering mistakes? (Kevin) William accepted his fate, but received mercy which saved his life, over and over again. Until, a cancer diagnosis. At that point, it took his son to redirect his path. It was amazing to see it come full circle. I really miss William.
  • Kate and Toby. You are adorable. With your matching shirts and happy positive attitudes. My question is, can you rub some of that onto Kevin? He really needs you guys. He needs someone to look out for him. Toby and his Mommy meltdown? Hysterical. I can relate to this so much! Even at 32 I always think “what would my parents think about this” before I make a big decision. Thanks for the lesson Tobias. The highlight of this episode for me was when Toby was talking to Jack’s urn. A really special and funny moment, and it made me really sad that those two will never share a scene. I am also super happy that we got to see Toby propose to Kate and that they will, hopefully, get a spectacular wedding. They both seem really stable and happy at this point. I hope it lasts! (Please let us have this one writers!)

Questions for next week:

  1. Will Kevin get help? Will anyone catch onto what is going on with him? Someone, anyone?
  2. Is Sophie gone for good?
  3. Will Deja transfer schools like Randall suggested? How will that impact the household?
  4. When will Toby and Kate get married? Before baby or after? Will Rebecca be involved?
  5. Speaking of Rebecca, will we get to see the Miguel courtship? (Still #teamJack)

Alright, well that is it for this week! Next week’s episode is Kevin focused so I cannot wait to see what happens next for him. Fingers crossed he gets it together! Or at the very least we get a fully developed back story!

Thanks for reading, until next week! L.

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