10 Books I’m Loving Right Now

The holiday’s are here, and you know what that means…prime reading time is upon us!

I don’t know about you, but between now and New Year’s I find myself reading a A LOT. Something about the cool, crisp weather and quiet, unscheduled days, make it very easy for me to fall into a comfy chair with a good book. I read a pretty interesting mix of genres. Whether it’s Young Adult Fantasy or contemporary Christian, or just a holiday classic, I try to read a bit of everything. With that, here are some of the books I am loving right now:

  • She Reads Truth Bible- This Christian Standard Bible is beautiful and easy to read. It includes wide margins for note taking, study guides, and devotionals. On top of that it includes maps, charts, and timelines for historical reference. Over all, a great Bible that could also double as a great gift! It comes in all sorts of colors and is something you could make your own. (Poppy hard cover featured in picture)
  • And I Darken– I am just wrapping up this book by Kiersten White. This book is as fierce as the main character. If you like dark and twisty young heroines and political intrigue set in 1435 Transylvania, then definitely check this book out!
  • Mary Poppins in the Kitchen– This book is a treat! The first half is a classic Mary Poppins story, and the last half is full of holiday recipes. This is a great story to share with your kiddos and then have them help you make some Jam Tarts!
  • Present Over Perfect– Raise your hand if you feel like your life should look like a  Pinterest board. Don’t worry, no judgement here, both of my hands are raised. I am about halfway through this book by Shauna Niequist. So far it is hitting home. If you are looking for some tips on “leaving behind frantic for a simpler, more soulful way of living”, I recommend checking this one out.
  • Now I Rise– I haven’t even opened this one yet! This is the much-anticipated sequel to Now I Darken, and I immediately snatched it up on its publication date. I have high hopes for this book, and have seen favorable reviews already!
  • Grace not Perfection– I picked up this book by Emily Ley mainly because I liked the cover. Guilty. What I found inside was even better! Funny life stories, tips for embracing joy and simplicity, and even some activities for you to participate in! One page is all about listing what is important to you, or how you take care of yourself and others. It really helped me put some things in perspective while taking some quiet time for myself.
  • Tower of Dawn– I am a big fan of anything written by Sarah J. Maas. However, this book stands out. Tower of Dawn is the sixth book in her Throne of Glass series. Super great story all the way through. Stand out characters, bold plot lines, magic, and surprises, this book was wonderful. Bonus: the rest of the series is great too! Seriously, do yourself a favor and check out this series! Like, TODAY.
  • The Magic of Motherhood– Again, the cover drew me in but the content led me to the check out! This book of essays from the creators of Coffee+Crumbs, is full of stories that describe Motherhood, both the good, the bad, and everything in between. Utterly relatable, and a must read for mothers and mothers-to-be alike!
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone– I mean come on, how could I leave this treasure off of a favorite’s list?! The holidays are the PERFECT time to read the Harry Potter series. If you have never read these books, now is the time! If you are a devoted fan, like myself, why not give these a reread? I find myself diving into these books year after year not only because of the amazing story and characters, but because I find out something new every time I read it.
  • A Christmas Carol- What better time to read this Christmas classic? We watch a movie version of this every year around this time, but this year I will be reading this book with my 7-year-old as well. I LOVE to read, but if I can get my family involved, double win!

I hope you get the chance to check some of these titles out either for yourself or as a gift for someone else. For more of my favorites find me on Goodreads @Lreadsbooks. I’d love to hear about what you are reading so let us know in the comments!

Until next time, L.

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