Wait What Wednesday…November 29,2017

Welcome back! We hope you had a great holiday! We sure did, and in the meantime so much is happening around the world. For example:

The Pope got a Lamborghini… Wait what?

L:I LOVE this. So much. I love that there is a Popemobile version Lamborghini. White with gold trim, heaven. Glad it’s for charity, but bravo to the creators of such a legendary vehicle.

H: Okay, so when I heard this headline I may have actually let out a sigh. The image of the Pope driving himself around like he was Kanye West haunted my mind for whatever reason. I mean, it is 2017 after all, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised. But guys! It was for charity! Which is totally awesome, and even more relieving.

Dumbledore isn’t a ginger in the new Fantastic Beasts movie… wait what?

L: Yay for Jude Law but really, not ginger? This is bothering me. Not sure why, but that is what stands out to me in the latest cast picture.

H: So, am I a fake fan if I’m not freaking out about this? Personally, I’m only disappointed because they didn’t hire Richard Harris’ son to play young D. All and all, though, I’ve given up on the HP franchise making things exactly like the details we loved so much in the books. In some cases things are so very different compared to their paper predecessors (like the entire 6th movie), so at least it’s not that bad.

Leonardo da Vinci painting sold for record $450 million… wait what?

L: From what I understand this particular painting was previously thought to be a fake. Who messed that up?! I hope the original owner was the one to receive the $450, at least a portion. It’s like those poor sweet book publishers who passed on Harry Potter. Big mistake. HUGE.

H: So, where does this money go? Where was this painting this whole time? Where is it going now? I’m sorry, I have way too many questions and way too little knowledge to contribute to this topic. But that’s a lot of moo-lah and art is cool.

New Star Wars- non sky walker trilogy announced.. wait what?

L: I am super excited that we are getting more Star Wars movies. However, I am all in with the Skywalker legacy and am a bit skeptical of new characters aside from the ones we’ve recently been introduced to. I hope these movies are all about Rey and company but we shall see!

H: Here’s a little fact about me: I don’t watch movie trailers. I think I stopped somewhere around Logan or Captain America: Civil War or some other Marvel movie. To me, trailers have, for a long time, spoiled a lot of the actual movie: main plot points, surprise cast members, villains, endings. I’ve stopped watching previews/trailers for movies that I know I will be seeing in the theater, like Star Wars, so I can go into it with no expectations or spoilers. Therefore, I have nothing to add to this topic because until this moment, I had no idea it was even going to be a trilogy. (Thanks, sis.)

Taylor Swift pop album… wait what?

L: No big surprise here aside from the way it was launched and the general controversy around Swift. I don’t particularly care for the upbeat one she released first, however, New Years Day is pretty good! Also, check out her latest Jimmy Fallon performance. Tears all around.

H: Well, I haven’t listened to T-Swift since she was feelin’ 22. But I know the world is pretty excited about this! Happy for those Swifties.

Bill Gates is giving $50 million to find an Alzheimer’s cure…wait what?

L: I read somewhere a long time ago that Bill Gates was not planning on leaving here a family members any of his money. Which made me wonder where all his money was going? It always warms my heart to see filthy rich people supporting great causes like this. Maybe there is hope out there for humanity after all.

H: This is one of those headlines that is just nice to hear. In a time of political and moral crisis and animosity, it is nice to see that people are still working towards bettering our world and it’s people. I hope we do one day find a cure to these diseases that haunt our community. This donation by Bill Gates will definitely be getting us going in the right direction (I hope).

Drinking coffee linked to a lower risk of heart failure, stroke and coronary heart disease. Every extra cup of coffee consumed per day reduced each of these conditions by 8%, 7%, and 5%, respectively, up to at least six cups per day (TIME article via University of Colorado) … wait what?

L: I used to hate coffee. I could not understand how “grown ups” could drink it. Now my body cannot function without at least one 10oz cup a day before 9am. My Keurig and I have a bond and now that it helps support my healthy lifestyle (lol) I appreciate it that much more. Yay coffee!

H: Finally! Something I consume glutunously has proven to be good for me! I hope these studies are true and they find similar numbers about french fries, Hot Cheetos, and Chipotle.

Pentagon retweets call for Trump resignation… wait what?

L: YIKES. Someone is in trouble. I mean who is running all of these Twitter accounts. Was it last week that an actual Twitter employee disabled the President’s Twitter account on his last day of work? Classic. I am all for a practical joke, but why is Twitter running the world right now?

H: No comment.

Well, that is it for this week’s Wait What Wednesday. Thanks for reading!

Until next time, L & H.

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