In 1985, L was born in Maine. Ten years later, H was born in Ohio. In the time in-between and since, L & H’s journey has quite literally had it’s ups and downs. With an Air Force father, the family lived in nine different locations within the 30 year span. From Germany to Utah, from Texas to Guam, L & H experienced multiple different environments and cultures, shaping them into the people they are today.
Today, L is a mom, a wife, a Hufflepuff. She enjoys fantasy novels, charity work, handbags, and binge-watching television seasons at a time.
H is a sister, a friend, a recent college graduate, a Slytherin. Her passions include fiction writing, snacks, Rolling Stone Magazine, and YouTube videos.
Both are fans of the Oxford comma.
Surprisingly, although L was the one born in the 80’s, H is the one who listens to her music on vinyl and owns a record player while L has been rocking the same One Direction CD in her car since 2012.
Although 10 years apart and in many ways different, L & H are best friends. They’re coming together now to write content on their varying likes and opinions, plus a few things that will make them say, “my sister said what?!”